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Agorada 2015 and CNER 62nd congress

Palais des congrès d'Antibes Juan les Pins

Agorada 2015 and CNER 62nd congress

Agorada 2015 and CNER 62nd congress: New enterprises, new jobs: which challenges for the territories?

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Thursday 17 September

8h30: Welcome

8h45: Inauguration of CnerExpo

9h00-9h45: Opening

Questioned in turn by the moderator, the elected representatives of the authorities hosting the Congress will present the economy of their areas: key facts and figures, strengths, issues and challenges they face, etc. This is to establish a brief overview of the region where the participants from all over Europe are meeting.

9h45-10h00: Setting the scene

  • Stanislaw Ginda, President of Eurada and of the regional development agency of Bielsko-Biala (Poland)
  • Frédéric Cuvillier, President of CNER, former Minister, MP and mayor of Boulogne-sur-Mer (France)

10h-10h15: Highlighted Initiatives

10h15-11h15: Growth and employment: will current innovations hold all their promises?

Debate on the potential for wealth and employment creation induced by recent digital and technical innovations. Some economists believe that these will induce strong societal changes but will be weak growth and employment vectors, while others think it is a new industrial revolution carrying as many hopes as the previous ones.

  • Frédéric Gilli, Professor at Sciences Po Paris

11h15-11h45: Coffee break at CnerExpo

11h45-12h45: Regions challenging new innovation methods

Presenting examples of emblematic innovative areas and decoding the challenges they have to face with regard to new ways of undertaking, producing, working which are often not linked to regions. How do they get used to them? How do they reinvent themselves?

  • Claude Giafferri, President, Amadeus Sophia-Antipolis
  • Jeff Finkle, President of the IEDC
  • Irma Priedl, Head of the Innovation and Technology Department, Regional government of Lower Austria

12h45-14h30: Lunch cocktail

14h30-16h00: Workshops

  1. Comment s’allier et expérimenter avec les grands groupes de son territoire ?
  2. Private funding : what’s new?
  3. L’agilité des agences au service de l’attractivité des territoires
  4. Positionner et promouvoir votre business park en Europe pour attirer des PME internationales
  5. Quelle stratégie économique aujourd’hui pour les agglomérations ?
  6. Proven methods for helping firms to export

16h00-16h30: Coffee break at CnerExpo

16h30-17h30 : Factory of the future, collaborative economy... A revolution in production and employment?

New ways of producing and new forms of employment have been emerging and proliferating in recent years, which seem to challenge the traditional business models and the relationship of individuals to enterprise and entrepreneurship. This is to present concrete examples of this new organization of production (factory of the future, collaborative processes), employment and entrepreneurship (3D printing, fablab).

17h30-18h15 : EU-regions: which common responses to developments of entreprises? 

The EU has just defined new rules and new programmes to support innovation and development in the regions. A lot of money is being spent. Are these rules adapted to the new practices and organizations of enterprises and entrepreneurs? How to improve the relationship between the EU and regional stakeholders to ensure the effectiveness of these programmes (H2020, Structural Funds ...)?

18h15-18h30: Highlighted Initiatives

18h30-19h00 : Eurada general assembly (members only)

19h30 - Cocktail and gala dinner

Friday 18 September

8h30-9h00: Welcome

9h00-10h00: Keynote speaker

10h00-11h00: New ways of production, new entrepreneurs: which regional support? 

The new ways of undertaking, producing, innovating, working inevitably lead communities and their economic development agencies to question the nature of the support they provide to enterprises. How should this regional support evolve to remain effective? How to promote new entrepreneurial dynamics?

  • Marie-Caroline Bonnet-Galzy, Commissaire général à l’Égalité des territoires
  • Frédéric Cuvillier, president of CNER
  • Brian McVey, Director of Strategy, Scottish Enterprise
  • Elisabeth Viola, Regional director, Caisse des Dépôts

11h00-11h30: Coffee break at CnerExpo

11h30-12h00: Highlighted Initiatives

12h00-12h30 : Conclusion

Stanislaw Ginda, President of Eurada and of the Bielsko-Biala RDA, and Frédéric Cuvillier, President of CNER

12h30-13h00: Exchange with a Minister

13h00: Lunch cocktail

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